I had the longest drive alone (while everyone else slept in the car) from Montreal... couldn't get to the CD box so radio it was. Your lovely voice and show kept me nicely focused and relaxed as I drove through upstate New York in the cold and lonely winter wonderland wonder.

- Ingrid J. (NY)

Your show keeps alive the romance and excitement of this very important genre... the listing of performances around the country gives lie to the notion that Jazz is dead. The broadcast reminds me of an era when radio was the primary electronic medium for mass communication.

- Dane W. (MD)

I grew up in Seattle, listening to KPLU -- now I record "Jazz After Hours" every weekend, listening to it at my desk in the following week.  Keep doing what you're doing!  There's lots of jazz dj's out there, but you still have the best track record of introducing me to music that I'm going to really like.
- Peter F. (DE)

For over 30 years, my musical education has been accompanied by Jim Wilke's voice.

- Roger P. (NH)

Love your show so much! Great selections of mostly new and happening music with classics sprinkled in here and there. Plus your voice compliments it perfectly ... Thank you so much for everyone's hard work on the program and keep up the good work!

- Cody H. (NC)

Your program is like yoga for me - I forgot how good it feels, and when I get lucky and tune in I have to ask myself, "why don't you do this more often?"

- Peggy M. (MD)

Thanks for your fantastic programming!!!  I have been an avid fan since the first time I heard your program in 1998 on WVTF.  Keep up the fantastic work!

- Kelly M. (VA)

Really enjoying the show. Tuning in here in Tokyo via the wamc.org stream.

- Robbie R. (Tokyo)

I am enjoying listening in Cassis, France. Your show is one of the things I enjoy most from America, and it's always timely in my time zone!
- Laurie P.  (France)

I am currently on the high speed train from The Hague to Paris. (180mph) The train has satellite connection to the internet. I am streaming your show and now have the head conductor (who has been listening in via my headphones) a fan of yours. Just trying to spread the word of good jazz.
- Joe I. (from Ireland, in France)

Jim - I discovered your show about two years ago and listen to it (until I fall asleep around 2am) every week at my weekend home in the Albany, NY area. Even in competition with all of the jazz shows in NYC, it's the best.

- John F. (NY)

... as always, thanks for the music! JAH is a regular week-end event for us and we don’t have to stay awake for it like folks in North America do.
Regards from Not-So-Sunny-but-we’re-eagerly-awaiting-spring North Yorkshire.
- Carl (England)

JAH is simply the best jazz program I have ever heard, hands down, no comparison. Jim's selections just blow me away, song after song, hour after hour. I found JAH in August 2007. I don't think I've had a jazz conversation since then and not mentioned it. If I pay too much attention, I can't fall asleep to it on Friday and Saturday nights--it just draws me in that much--I fall asleep after my tuner's sleep timer times out.

- Rusty S. (CO)

Thank you for all that you do to make jazz understood and appreciated. Thousands of us need it and depend on it and really don't want to live without it... Thank you so much for publishing the playlists. You don't know how convenient it is to get the info if you want to buy it or look for it in iTunes. In the words of Frazier Crane "I'm listening"

- Carver G.  (MD)

Once again, listening to your Jazz After Hours (streamed on KUNC, Greeley, CO) is just the way I enjoy spending parts of Friday and Saturday evenings.  When I lived in Tacoma, Washington I attended some of the Port Townsend jazz performances, and listened to you on KPLU. Thanks for continuing to create a wonderful jazz mood every weekend.

- Bob S.  (CO)

I love your program on weekends. I stay up most weekends to listen to Jazz After Hours. The night time is the right time. I love the fact that you don't talk a lot. You let the great music speak for itself. The Dr. Martin Luther King tribute was beautiful, especially the Oliver Nelson, Duke and Herbie Hancock compositions. They ran like a beautiful collage. Jim, you're one of the best. I enjoy hearing who's performing around the globe.
Thanks for the midnight groove!
 - Darrell  (MD)


I still listen to your show every weekend ... your "1957" show was one of the best I've heard. In spite of the fact I've been on the music scene for 40 years now, every time I tune in your show I learn or hear somethng new. 

-  Bob

When my wife lets me stay up with you, I'm very honored to be in your presence.  Keep on keepin' on, and congratulations on your 50 years in the business!

- Gary (WA)

.. we just got home from a gig in NYC. We had a 3 hour drive back to Albany and as usual tuned in to your show.   WOW! The best show I've ever heard.  All the way home we were in awe of how remarkably fresh and inspiring the music was.  ... Thank you Jim, for your dedication to jazz and all your hard work in putting together such an extraordinary show. ... Congratulations on 50 years of success in bringing such joy to your listeners and keeping the flame burning for this rich musical heritage.

- Sonny & Perley (NY)

Keep up the good work.  I'm standing by in Puerta Vallarta via Sioux Falls (KWIT).  When air was clean and sex was dirty, I used to tape you with a VCR and move you to cassettes.  Now a 2G DSL makes it child's play.   Ciao,

- Dave (PV , Mexico)

HEY!!!   Thanks!  That was a great version (of A Night in Tunisia).  Just heard it about 12:45 my time -- it is a sunny day at the beach!

- Laurie (Tunisia)

You and your program have been great companions for this jazz buff.  I found your program one night when I couldn't sleep and enjoy it every weekend.  It's exposed me to so many artists I might have never heard otherwise.  I had never heard Chet Baker before your show and he's become a favorite.  I've also become aware of so many wonderful current artists.  I can't thank you enough!  Your soothing voice has been quite a comfort on many a restless night.

- Marc P.

I have wanted to write you for some time to simply tell you how much I enjoy your show, your music and your particular style in introducing and discussing all the music you play. You always bring a smile to my face and joy to my soul, and I am very appreciative of your fine work.

- Dr. J  (OK)

THANK YOU for your wonderful Jazz After Hours program. I live in a smaller city where the only time I can hear jazz on the radio is on Friday and Saturday nights from midnight till 5am. Most of my friends know that late on weekends I can be found in my car, faithfully listening to your show. Many of the favorite CDs in my collection are artists that I heard first on Jazz After Hours.

- Angela J. (WV)

I'm based in, and listening from London, UK, so that 'Jazz After Hours', is actually the music I listen to when I get up in the morning! But it sounds good to me, anyway.

-Ethel D.  (London)

I'm listening in Hong Kong on stream from WVTF Roanoke, VA. It's great here - I listened all day Sunday because of 13 hr. time difference. However I will be back home in VA next week and am not a "night owl". Can I find a link other than overnight? The program and your narrative are wonderful! Thank you,
- Keister E (Hong Kong)

Your radio show is what I look forward to more than anything else every week. You have the ability to unload the stress of a long week from me as well as set the perfect mood. You, Mr. Wilke, are the definition of a quality jazz radio announcer... thank you...
- Daniel S

Sadly there aren't any stations within range that bring your excellent program to the Minneapolis St Paul area but with the addition of broadband to our house we will be able to get a "Wilke" fix. Thanks again,
- Ron and Linda O (MN)

Ninety percent of the cd's I own are a direct result of the airplay on your show. You are by far, without queston, the definitive jazz voice of America. You have turned this jazz lover into a real afficianado and somewhat of an expert.  Honest, Jim your gift to us all is immeasurable. 

- Phillip S.

I am flying over the Indian subcontinent on Singapore Airlines bound for London, connected to broadband and streaming your show. Great music! Great commentary!. Makes me home-sick for the US.
- Dr.Joseph I

I cannot thank you enough for the great show that you do week in and week out.  The show that you did on Paul Desmond was rock solid and fun.  Most of all, I just cannot think of anyone in broadcasting jazz who has such authority and such a good ear for the great stuff!  You are a great trend setter.
- Joe N (NY)

Twenty years in the business of music is no small feat. It has been an oasis in the night for all of us who have soldiered on through the peaks and valleys of jazz. If jazz endures, it will be the result of steadfast people such as yourself who have supported the brave souls that venuture into this very special world of music.
- Juanita G (MA)

Congratulations from Pennsylvania on twenty years of success.  Listening to you now on Saturday AM, thanks for your smooth delivery in all kinds of weather.  Also for your insightful remarks on jazz and other things.  Happy sailing for many more years.
 - Joseph G (PA)

Congratulations on your twenty years of Jazz After Hours. I am sorry I missed the first 17 years of it, but I have enjoyed the last three years beyond all telling. I hope you keep going for the next 20.
- Robert C (MO)

Allow me to join in congratulating you on the 20th anniversary of Jazz After Hours, a program that I much appreciate. 20 years is only a part of the time that I have been your listener. I remember a program you had on the air between 11:00 p.m. and midnight, just before KUOW signed off, back in the days when radio stations did sign off at night!
- Philip H (WA)

I adore your presentation and jazz selections.  Absolutely the best thing on radio anywhere today.  I have had idiotic talk shows up  the kazoo.  Thank God for the sanity of your weekly shows. 
- Alberta P

I regularly listen to your program, 'Jazz After Hours' and I really love it. Here is Turkey, Ankara; thousands miles away from USA, Seattle. Almost every Saturday and Sunday morning I and many times my wife Gulgun come to our architectural office, where we have high-speed internet connection, in order to listen to your warm voice, the way you present the program and the beautiful pieces of your jazz music selections. Thanks a lot to you for your perfect program on the web.
- C.Kabaoglu (Ankara, Turkey)

I’ve listened to your program for more than ten years (including the years that I lived in Vancouver BC) and you’ve always had the best jazz program on the air.
- Bob (CA)

I couldn't believe that he really always had to leave at 1:30 AM on Saturday to get home and tape your broadcasts. Now that we are sharing the same abode I realize it is a fact... but the idea that he sets the alarm so he can turn the tape over is a bit much. Can you turn us on to a way we can tape your broadasts... or get the whole program on one tape?
- Betsye

I'm a UK jazz enthusiast... this is the first time I have tuned into your programme and after studying your playlists it will not be the last. I've been searching for some interesting jazz for weekend listening.
- Richard R (UK)

...thank you for your great show. This past summer our family took a vacation to Cleveland and because of the regional jazz calendars was able to take in a wonderful show at Nightown there. Both the Room and atmosphere were delightful. Thank you for the regional calendars as well as the exposure to a variety of jazz.
- Ray W. (NC)

I now tape your program on my VCR so I can get six hours of the best program in the universe. The fidelity is great and I can enjoy your show more than ever before. I seldom listen that I don't get or at least want to get a copy of a particular CD for my own.
- Wayne E. (MI)

Jazz After Hours? Not for me, this is Italy and it's 11:30 AM, and it's great to wake up with your music... thinking that it is a dark cold night there and a chilly (just chilly) bright day here and your music is everywhere......
- Claudio (Napoli, Italy)

Thank you! You are a master of programming. It's like a fine chef knowing when to go to another taste. The program is almost as good as a live perfomance in the excitement you generate.
—Leland B.

G'day mate! 8.50 pm in Mount Colah, just outside of Sydney. Love this station. Smooth, easy, relaxing, entertaining.
—Aussie Brad

Thank you for your tribute to Sleepy Stein last Friday night. You brought back a flood of memories that were most pleasant to remember.
—Berel I.

I'm a long time listener to your program and a member of my local public radio station. Your program is a weekend ritual. I always listen closely to your "Who's playing where" segments. This really came in handy when I took my son to New York City to hear Pharoah Sanders at Sweet Basil. It was the high point of his trip to the City.
—Don W. (NY)

You have the best jazz show in the history of the world. If more people heard your show (they'd hear) jazz that is made for the love of music and not simply to show off technique...
—Jeff W. (CO)

...now we have moved again, and I can't tell you how gratified I was to discover last night that you are still on the air. It was just like finding that old friend whom you thought you would never see again. I had missed your quiet reserved manner, your obvious dedication to an idiom that I love and most of all, the music you present with taciturn humor.
—Wally D.

I've been a big fan of your show for 15 years, dating back to when I was living back in my hometown of Schenectady NY... I now listen to your show on the internet courtesy of WAMC in Albany, New York. Keep up the good work. Listening to your show again is like becoming reacquainted with an old friend.
—Lou D.

What an incredible job you have done with these shows. Is there life without JAH? I think not!!!
—Scott K. (NC)

Your selection and choice works are awesome! Without you, our universe would be much smaller, plainer, duller. A clean well lighted place without color.
—J.D.S. (SC)

All my life I've been longing for a progam such as yours. Now when I listen to you, I think I've died and gone to heaven: all music and very little talk, all of it relevant and intelligent. Thank you, thank you, thank you... or mahalo as we say here in Hawaii.
—Amy A. (HI)

Your show is a national treasure!

I just wanted to let you know that your program is heard and enjoyed up here in Montreal. I came across your program about three years ago and love it!
—Jennison A. (Montreal)

Your show and presentation is the best jazz on radio since Dave Garroway worked in Chicago!
—Dave I. (AZ)

"After Hours" is the best jazz progam I have ever heard. I appreciate your knowledgeable approach to music above all. You catch exactly the right tone, and I find myself year after year entranced by your cunning choices of stuff to play.
—Larry A. (PA)

Your progam is a life saver. I receive very few progams on radio which feature the contemporary jazz scene. For many years I listened to Willis Conover on Voice of America but his progams are no longer heard here.
—Roy W. (Gerona, Spain)

Thanks for never failing to entertain, educate, delight and swing your listeners!
—Joe W. (PA)

I have just listened to the most fantastic jazz program on radio - Europe can now receive Jazz After Hours - Congratulations on an excellent program!
—Michael L. (Glasgow, Scotland)

I've listened and greatly enjoyed your program for many years. Your program is a voice in the wilderness for us in the hinterland who remember Daddy-O Daly (from Chicago) and Moonglow with Martin (from New Orleans). Like them you take us through the night with a great American sound and tasteful radio.
—Bill B. (IA)

I listen to your program every Friday night while I work in Tifton, GA. I work for the leading package delivery service. I enjoy the music so much I actually look forward to Friday night. Thank you soooo much. It really does make the night better.
—Clyde T. (GA)

...I think of you more as a friend than an announcer.
—Monty G. (NY)